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SCIOXpert™ is our advisory service that leverages SCIO’s deep industry domain knowledge, advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities, and subject matter expertise on patient-centric behavioral and commercial applications.

Advanced Analytics Methodologies and Models

At the core of SCIO’s advanced analytics capabilities, our professional services group uses three types of methodologies that result in innovative, actionable and valued commercial insights.

  • Descriptive Analytics: addresses the question, “What has happened?”
  • Predictive Analytics: addresses the question, “What could happen?”
  • Prescriptive Analytics: addresses the question, “What should we do?”

Our subject matter experts have also developed Patient Personas that deliver a clear understanding of a patient segment’s prospective risk in terms of the level of additional medication and medical services they will require as measured in dollars, as well as disease-specific insights on:

  • Appropriate treatment plans, including care gap identification and prioritization based on clinical and financial risk.
  • The impact of medical adverse events, including an estimate of increased utilization of services.
  • Patient adherence and outcomes.
  • Trend drivers, emerging risk, and medication compliance vs. non-compliance.

Patient-Centric Behavioral Analytics

Featuring SCIO-developed Patient Personas that are based on our predictive and prescriptive methodologies, we provide 360° views of patient segments based on clinical claims data, plus socio-economic, financial, and behavioral data.

These capabilities allow SCIO to deliver insights on key commercial business applications, including Market Expansion and Managed Markets Strategy Development, including Value-based Contracting.

Discover how SCIOXpert™ Commercial Analytics drives solutions through analytics.

Discover how SCIOXpert™ Commercial Analytics drives solutions through analytics.

On-demand Webinar

Gaining a competitive advantage through Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Held on: November 16, 2017

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Outcomes-based Contracts between Pharma and Payers: Preparing for the Future, Now!

Held on: September 28, 2017

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Our Market Expansion applications provide innovative insights and metrics down to the physician or institutional/hospital level. From these insights, you can develop more targeted pre-call plans, refine marketing messages, enhance education programs, etc.

  • Quantify and profile undiagnosed patients.
  • Address non-compliance factors, reasons.
  • Identify switching opportunities based on unsuccessful treatments.
  • Prioritize hospital targeting based on patient treatment opportunities and re-admissions
  • Glean new insights by segmenting patient populations using SCIO’s patient personas.

Focusing on the US market, Managed Markets Strategy Development enables risk- and outcomes-based contracting between payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

SCIO’s Managed Markets Strategy Development insights allow you to:

  • Identify the plans and payers that are on formulary with your brands to define market access strategies, including rebate and co-pay options.
  • Leverage patient personas to understand rebate behaviour at a macro level, based on the plan, to understand the cost impact.
  • Stratify patient populations based on risk and impactability to focus brand and HCP efforts.
  • Quantify the safety, efficacy, and cost effectiveness of your products, demonstrating the proven impact and outcomes needed to support the shift to value-based contracting with payers.
  • Negotiate rebates, and justify formulary inclusion.

Commercial Analytics

SCIO’s commercial analytics capabilities align with our subject matter expertise in such areas as:

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Sales Analytics
  • Launch Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics enables you to assess the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives intended to drive compliance, capture new prescriptions, and increase brand penetration. Applications of our Marketing Analytics capabilities include Demand Forecasting, Multi-channel Marketing Analysis, Marketing Mix Optimization, and ROI Analysis.

SCIO’s Marketing Analytics allows you to:

  • View all marketing programs deployed for all brands by program costs, response rates, and Rx returns to determine the ideal programs per target segment.
  • Predict future demand for in-line and pipeline products, based on factors that influence systematic and random demand.
  • Analyse customer interactions and total spend on multi-channel marketing tactics to determine the effectiveness of brand touch-points.
  • Understand promotional effectiveness and their ROI for such approaches as Promotional Response Modeling and Closed Loop Marketing.
  • Use HCP-level personas to understand what is driving responses to multi-channel marketing.

Sales Analytics

Leveraging a client’s own data, this set of insights focuses on Sales Force Effectiveness and its key applications: Account/Customer Segmentation and HCP/facility Valuation and Targeting, Territory Mapping/Restructuring and Resource Deployment, Sales Incentive Plan Design, and Sales Incentive Target Setting.

SCIO’s Sales Analytics allows you to:

  • Identify KPI metrics across the sales team to measure and forecast reps’ performance over any time period.
  • Set sales incentive targets based on territory-by-territory analysis of past performance and future growth potential.
  • Segment and target accounts or customers to focus your sales reps’ time on the most important areas.
  • Map the ideal field force structure for your brands across the organization based on target customers and location of existing resources.

Launch Analytics

Leveraging our predictive and prescriptive analytic methodologies against client’s own sales and marketing data, SCIO’s launch excellence team provides strategic and tactical insights to drive the achievement of a brand’s business objectives, including development of effective pre- and post-launch plans in order to maximize revenue, market share, and profitability goals. We work closely with your key functional areas, including Sales, Marketing, Managed Markets Sales, Managed Markets Strategy & Operations, Medical, and Legal team members.

As a result, your launch teams will be able to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of past launches.
  • Forecast launch scenarios based on demographics, payer needs, patient personas, HCPs, accounts, and other unique criteria applicable to your therapeutic area.
  • Track and forecast the effectiveness of multi-channel tactics on launch.